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Proliferation of janitor fish (Pterygoplichthys sp.) in Laguna de Bay (Philippines)

Credit: Hannibal M. Chavez (Philippines) The proliferation of janitor fish is an alarming issue in Laguna de Bay. Two species of janitor fish (Pterygoplichthys pardalis and Pterygoplichthys disjuntivus ) which initially thrive in the lake due to escapement from ponds had an impact on the environment which favored their establishment. The high load of nutrients …

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Pen culture of tilapia, milkfish and bighead carp in Laguna de Bay (Philippines)

 Credit: Hannibal M. Chavez (Philippines) The practice of tilapia pen farming is being carried out by fish farmers around Laguna de Bay with a stocking density of 30,000 to 50,000 fingerlings per ha. In such practice, fish farmers grow their tilapia naturally whereas no external feeds are given. As such this practice gives several advantages; it …

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