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Establishing a marine hatchery in Tanga region, Tanzania

Credit: Fadhili Ruzika (Tanzania) The three photos document the establishing process of a governmental marine hatchery in Tanga region, Tanzania. During the initial phase, some tanks were stocked with the fingerlings of milkfish (Chanos chanos). Milkfish is commercially cultured in operations along the coast of Indian Ocean. The species is a promising species in Tanzanian aquaculture …

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Polyculture trial of milkfish and tilapia mossambicus in Tanga Region, Tanzania

Credit: Fadhili Ruzika (Tanzania) The photos show the sampling process of milkfish (Chanos chanos) and tilapia mossambicus (Oreochromis mossambicus) grown in an earthen fish pond located in Tanga region, Tanzania. This trial aimed to evaluate the performance of the two species in marine waters. The sampling was done to check the growth rate and the …

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Culture of milkfish, Chanos chanos in different environments and systems in the Philippines

Credit: Hannibal M. Chavez (Philippines) According to 2005 statistics, the production of milkfish in brackishwater in the Philippines comprised the largest proportion of milkfish production, followed by fish cage farming in marine waters and finally the culture of the species in pens in freshwater areas. In regard to the productivity of the species per unit …

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Pen culture of tilapia, milkfish and bighead carp in Laguna de Bay (Philippines)

 Credit: Hannibal M. Chavez (Philippines) The practice of tilapia pen farming is being carried out by fish farmers around Laguna de Bay with a stocking density of 30,000 to 50,000 fingerlings per ha. In such practice, fish farmers grow their tilapia naturally whereas no external feeds are given. As such this practice gives several advantages; it …

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Marine cage aquaculture in the Philippines

Credit: Hannibal M. Chavez (Philippines) Sea cage farming is also promoted in the mariculture zone as an alternative livelihood to the fishing communities to increase production and family income. Cages are usually installed in cove areas classified into floating and fixed cages for the culture of milkfish, tilapia, grouper, siganids, pompano, seabass and other fin fishes …

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Outlook of milkfish, (Chanos chanos) farming in the Phillipines

Credit: Evelyn C. Ame (Philippines) The present growth rate of  milkfish, Chanos chanos is expected to be maintained. This is due to increasing use of sea cages and sea pens for its culture.  The growing popularity of value added products of milkfish like de-boned and smoked forms and their export potentials will help maintain the current …

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