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Feeding grass carp on paddy in a facility in Pakistan

Credit: Muhammad Shahid Iqbal (Tawakkal)- Pakistan The facility in which the photo has been taken is in a fish hatchery whereas grass carp is reproduced. The plant shown in the photo is paddy. The plant is provided once daily for the grass carp of 2-3 kg average size. In this particular pond, grass carp is …

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Pen culture of fish in paddy irrigation canals in Malaysia

Credit: Adibi Rahiman (Malaysia) The photos show the fish farming practice of in pens placed in paddy irrigational canals. The main farmed fish in this system are red tilapia and/or Pangasius. The culture period for both species ranges from 6-8 months. This farming system was found economically visible. Note: We decided not to watermark the photos …

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