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Academic and technical aquaculture training in Venezuela

Credit: Luis Gallardo (Venezuela) The activities shown in the photos are taken at in the Agricultural Technical School Guaraons, Venezuela.  In the fish culture program, the students carry out all the activities such as pond preparation, fish stocking, feeding, harvesting, and marketing. The experiences gained by students through the training serve as the academic and …

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Pen culture of fish in paddy irrigation canals in Malaysia

Credit: Adibi Rahiman (Malaysia) The photos show the fish farming practice of in pens placed in paddy irrigational canals. The main farmed fish in this system are red tilapia and/or Pangasius. The culture period for both species ranges from 6-8 months. This farming system was found economically visible. Note: We decided not to watermark the photos …

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Use of wetland treated water in aquaponic system using fish culture in Jordan (in Arabic)

Credit: Abeer Albawenah – Ahmed Al Krisat (Jordan) يدمج هذا النظام الزراعة بدون تربة بمصاطب احواض الاراضي الرطبة وتربية الأسماك في البرك معاً من خلال تغذية الأسماك الموجودة في الأحواض بإستمرار مما يجعل الماء غني بالأسمدة العضوية نتيجة لفضلات الأسماك ومن ثم ضخها بنسب معينة وعلى فترات إلى المصاطب وتقوم النباتات بامتصاص ماتحتاجه من العناصر …

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