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Promotion of Aquaculture and technology transfer through training in Pakistan

Credit: Kanwal Odhejo (Pakistan)                       There are some training organized by the Fisheries department and with collaboration of Non Governmental Organizations  for the aquaculture promotion among the rural communities as well as professional fish farmers and fisheries graduates to enhance the capacity building and introduce the …

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Academic and technical aquaculture training in Venezuela

Credit: Luis Gallardo (Venezuela) The activities shown in the photos are taken at in the Agricultural Technical School Guaraons, Venezuela.  In the fish culture program, the students carry out all the activities such as pond preparation, fish stocking, feeding, harvesting, and marketing. The experiences gained by students through the training serve as the academic and …

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Promotion of aquaculture in Gaza strip (Palestine)

Credit: Masoud Keshta (Palestine) As the shortage in fish supply in Gaza strip is obvious, efforts have been spent to promote aquaculture in Gaza. The scarcity of water has been highly considered in the choice of aquaculture system to promote. The national authorities in partnership with international programs are supporting the current aquaculture project that …

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A governmental fish seed farm in Meghalaya (India)

Credit: Nantinora Kharbuli (India) The photo shows a small Governmental Fish seed Farm. It is a small Fish seed farm situated at the heart of the city and lying adjacent to the office of the head quarter of the Fishery Department of the State of Meghalaya. The farm is producing only common carp fish seed. The …

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