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Aquaculture training workshop (17 – 21 September 2018) in Tanzania

  The inserted group picture was taken in the opening of the “Aquaculture training workshop” which was conducted during the period 17 to 21 September in Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) and organized by Kilimanjaro Agricultural Training Center (KATC). During the 5-day event, we went through a variety of training tools to ensure the most active participation of …

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Behind the pictures: Barefoot in a fish pond (Egypt – 1980)

      Back to an earlier post in which I thanked Mr. Perdo Padlan, my first teacher in aquaculture. The inserted pictures were taken during the first 6-month training course led by Mr. Padlan, managed by myself and conducted on Zawya fish farm, Kafr El Sheikh, Egypt. The black and white pictures show how …

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Behind the pictures: Very Belated Thank You to Mr. Pedro Padlan

Sending belated thanks after a year or two may still make sense. In my case it is 37 years, but I decided to send it any way. During sometime in 1980, I met Mr. Pedro Padlan, the FAO aquaculture expert and who carried a Philippine passport at the premises of the Fishery Agency in Cairo …

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Fish farmer training in Paraguay

Credit: David Sykora (Paraguay) The photos show parts of fish farmer training including lectures, field visits and ending by the course certificates.    

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Fish farmer training in SriLanka

Credit: Ananda Sugathapala (SriLanka) The photos show examples of farmer training in a given province in SriLanka. The training aims to improve the production as well as the quality of fish produced through various aquaculture systems. A large number of farmers have been trained on various fish farming technologies including cage fish farming, fish breeding, integrated …

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Promotion of aquaculture in Gaza strip (Palestine)

Credit: Masoud Keshta (Palestine) As the shortage in fish supply in Gaza strip is obvious, efforts have been spent to promote aquaculture in Gaza. The scarcity of water has been highly considered in the choice of aquaculture system to promote. The national authorities in partnership with international programs are supporting the current aquaculture project that …

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