Farm-made fish feed in a fish farm in Myanmar

Credit of photos and source of information: Aquaculture Asia

As the case in aquaculture in many countries worldwide, farm-made feed was the sole source of feed especially where commercial feed does not exist or the level of aquaculture development is too small to justify the establishment of commercial fish feed.
Up to 1990, cultured fish in Myanmar were fed exclusively with farm-made feeds whereas broken rice, groundnut cake and rice bran were the principal ingredients which used to be cooked overnight and prepared as a moist mash before feeding fish. The mixing ratios among feed ingredients used to be based on farmer’s experience and availability of the principal ingredients. The inserted photos are related to farm-made feed that show the mixing of feed ingredients and air-drying of feed.
Along with the expansion in aquaculture in Myanmar and the establishment of commercial feed mills, many farmers are using commercial feed while other farmers continue to use farm-made feeds. As expected, the production economics will determine which feed farmers might use.

Reference: Aquafeeds in Myanmar: A change from farm-made to factory-made feeds, Aquaculture Asia, Volume XII No. 3, July-September 2007

Myanmar (mixing feed ingredients) Myanmar (farm made feed)




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