Application of genetics in aquaculture and fishery practices (Updated 2014 version)

This lecture was delivered in the Fish Culture Development training course which started on April 2014. This course is organized by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture “EICA” and supported by Japan International Cooperation Agency “JICA”. The course hosts 16 African trainees from 11 African countries.

Even though the lecture focused on the application side of genetics, key principles have been addressed such as qualitative and quantitative traits, heritability and its relation with the response to selection. The application of genetics in the management of broodstock has been adequately addressed especially the effective breeding number in relation to inbreeding and number of generations. The lecture addresses the traditional genetic approaches such as selection and hybridization. Also, the new genetics applications were addressed including ploidy induction and genetic engineering. The stock enhancement has been used to illustrate the application of genetics in fishery practices. The lecture has been supported by graphs, tables and pictures as required.

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