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Fish market in Kuwait

The three photos show this modern fish market from outside as well as from inside. Fish introduced into the market by fishermen is sold to retailers through auction. Individual buyers purchase their demand of fish from fish retailers who have their designated areas in the same market. Regular fish cleaning and/or filleting are the only …

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Wholesale fish market in Kafr El Sheikh, Egypt

Credit of the general photo: David Sykora (Paraguay)        Credit for the 2 other photos: Salah-eddine Hamdani (Morocco) Description: Abdel Rahman El Gamal The wholesale fish market in Kafr El Sheikh has been established to serve the fish trade in the governorate especially about 52% of farmed fish in Egypt is produced in …

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Daily fish production (Catla catla) in Udawalawe Reservoier (SriLanka)

Credit: D. S. K. Pitigala and Ananda sugathapala (SriLanka) The picture shows fish catch which is mainly dominated by Catla catla which has been captured by fishing boats operating in Udawalawe Reservoier (SriLanka). Fish traders go the the place where fishing boats land and select the fish species and sizes they like to purchase. In some situations if …

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