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Cage culture of tilapia in River Nile in Egypt – Video

This video was filmed during October 2014 in the River Nile, Damietta region. Video credit: Willy Oviedo (Uruguay)       Typically, freshwater cages in Egypt has a surface area of 100m2 (10×10 m) with a depth of about 5 meters. Cage farmers gained enough experience in cage construction and management. The floats used in …

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A 1000-ton seabass off-shore cage farm in Turkey

Credit: Huseyn Ek (Akuakare, Turkey) The cage shown in the photo is a unit of a cage farm suited in Black Sea (Turkey). The water depth at this location is about 50 meters. The cage diameter is 30 meters with a volume of approximately 10,000 m3. Fish biomass of each cage is about 110-130 tons. The …

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