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Sun-drying of fish in Togo

Credit: Pham Beigue Alfa (Togo) The two photos show a model of sun-drying of salted fish in Togo. This practice includes the main fish species which are Guinean tilapia (Tilapia guineensis), Oréochromis sp., Brycinus sp., and Hémichromis sp. The drying as shown takes place on the ground and would require 2-3 weeks which could reach …

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Sun-drying of fish (nauk and tilapia) in South Sudan

Credit: Juma Frezar (South Sudan)   Because fish transport and cooling in South Sudan is not sufficient to take fish from landing places to fish markets, excess fish is sun-dried in the fishing area as the primary method of conservation. Nauk, Heterotis sp is considered the principal sun-dried fish. This is due to its abundance …

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