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Fish stocking in water tanks in Mahaweli system, SriLanka

Credit: Ananda Sugathapala (SriLanka) There are 96 water tanks in Mahaweli system whereas about 1200 fishermen operating in these tanks through fisheries societies. In order to support fishery activity in these tanks, the stocking of fish is performed annually whereas several millions of carps and tilapia fingerlings have been introduced in the tanks since launching …

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Stoking Nallachchiya tank (SriLanka) with tilapia and common carp fingerlings

Credit: D. S. K. Pitigala and Ananda sugathapala (SriLanka) Nallachchiya tank which is a large irrigation system presents a model of multiple use of of irrigation water which leads to magnifying its benefits through fish stocking. Tilapia and common carp (Cyprinus carpio) fingerlings are stocked in the tank through the support of Mahaweli Authority of SriLanka (MASL). Fish …

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