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Production of sturgeon caviar and meat in a commercial enterprise in Uruguay- Video

Video credit:Facundo Marquez (Estuario del Plata – Uruguay) Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the video channel) The enterprise has a production capacity of about 10 tons of caviar and 700 tons of sturgeon meat every year. The facility is located at the Rincón del Bonete Reservoir on the River Negro. The facility has land-based …

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Open system for tilapia spawning using hapas in Egypt

The photo shows an open-system for tilapia hatchery in Egypt. This type of hatcheries is based on hapas placed in earthen ponds. The advantage of such system is mainly economical as well as the ability to nurse fry in nursing hapas in this open system. However, because the spawning in this system takes place during …

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