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Use of locally-made demand feeders in fish ponds in Benin – Video

Credit for the video: Ismael Radwan (Egypt)     Description: Abdel Rahman El Gamal The video shows a locally made demand feeder used in an earthen pond in Benin. The feeder has a handle that allows pulling the feeder towards the pond dike for checking and filling before pushing it back to the feeding area in tilapia …

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Features of fish farming in Benin (facilities and species)

Credit: Ismael Radwan (Egypt) The four photos show types of fish farming facilities that are commonly found in Benin. Earthen ponds are commonly found as represented by the farm photo which utilizes a modest water flow throughout the year.  The farm of concrete tanks is located in Torri Posseto province. Hapas are also used whether …

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Integrated fish and poultry in Benin

Credit: Ismael Radwan (Egypt) The photos show the integration between fish and poultry as carried out in earthen ponds in Benin. Broilers and rabbits are the main poultry in such integrated system while tilapia is the main fish species. Poultry house are established above the water surface in fish ponds providing daily fertilization as required by …

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Common fish culture system in Benin

Credit: Ismael Radwan (Egypt) The photo shows a typical fish pond in Benin whereas  such dug ponds of 200-300 m2 are filled by seepage while pumping is used to drain the pond. Usually the farm size ranges from 2-3 acres. The overall productivity usually does not exceed 2 tons/hectar of tilapia whether in monoculture system …

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Economic overwintering system for Nile tilapia using hapas in earthen ponds under greenhouses – Video

Unlike most overwintering systems whereas concrete or fiberglass tanks are commonly used under greenhouses, you will see in this videos the overwintering of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus takes place in hapas placed in earthen ponds. This system is far economical and more practical especially overwintered fish continues to be in the nursing or holding ponds …

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Cage culture of red tilapia in Colombia

Credit: Ever Edrey Hernandez (Colombia) Cage aquaculture in Colombia produced 23,366 tons in 2010 representing about 34.5% of total Colombian aquaculture in that year (67,679 tons). Tilapia culture – in particular red tilapia- represents about 83% of total tilapia aquaculture in Colombia (cages and ponds). In the same time, tilapia dominates total cage aquaculture as …

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Stocking of Pacu fingerlings in an earthen pond (Paraguay)

Credit: David Sykora (Paraguay) The photo shows the stocking of “Pacu” juveniles in an earthen pond during the training of students in agricultural school (Paraguay) La foto muestra la media de los menores “Pacu” en un estanque de tierra durante la formación de los estudiantes en la escuela agrícola (Paraguay)  

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Sampling practices of tilapia in earthen ponds (Egypt) – Video

Credit: Alain Murekambanze (Burundi) This video clip was taken in a fish farm located in Kafr El Sheikh, Egypt. The sampling practice highlights the followings: The feed has been used to attract tilapia to the chosen place for sampling. The operation was done very fast When large biomass was caught in the seine, the release …

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Hatchery-produced tilapia Seed in Namibia

Credit: Ndikwetepo Oiva (Namibia) The photos show the facilities of a hatchery in the seed production of tilapia in Namibia.  The earthen ponds shown in the photos are square of 225 m2 surface are (15×15 m).  Hatched fry are stocked in aquariums and then after in plastic tanks which are furnished with a filtration system …

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Carp species at the Tiacaque piscicola Center (Jocotitlan, Mexico) in Spanish/English

Credit: Gerardo Ontiveros Lopez (Mexico) Las fotos muestran la captura de carpa plateada en estanque de tipo rústico y la selección de carpas comunes y herbívoras en estanques rústicos en la Centro Piscicola  Tiacaque,  (Jocotitlan, Mexico) ***************** The photos show the earthen ponds in which silver carp, common carp and grass carp are maintained at the …

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