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Integrated fish-pig farming in Peru

Photo credit: Juan Martin Cautvein Grecia (Peru) Review: Juan Martin Cautvein Grecia and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)       The inserted picture which was taken in the in the Peruvian jungle shows an integration model between pigs and fish. In such system, ponds are generally small of less than 2000 …

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Amazonía peruana. fondo de pesca (in Spanish)

Credit: Wilder Rodrìguez Arteaga (Peru) Su población tiene la mayor tasa de consumo per cápita de pescado en Perú (~20 kg/año) Más de 200 especies son usadas como fuentes de proteína pero solo ~50 son vendidas en los mercados locales. Las especies más explotadas para la acuicultura incluyen: Piaractus brachipomus “paco” – Prochilodus nigricans “boquichico” …

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Peruvian Amazon: Fishery background

Credit: Wilder Rodrìguez Arteaga (Peru) Fish consumption in Peru as measured in per capita consumption is the highest (~ 20 kg / year). There are over 200 fish species which represent a source of protein. However, only ~ 50 are sold in local markets. The most exploited species for aquaculture include: Piaractus brachipomus “paco”  –  Prochilodus …

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Establishing a fingerling production center of gamitana (Colossoma macropomum) in Tingo Maria – Peru (in Spanish)

This project proposal has been developed by a group who participated in Fish Culture Development training course in 2007 under the supervision of Dr. Abdel Rahman El Gamal. The team propsed the establishment of a fingerling production center for gamitana (Colossoma macropomum) in Tingo Maria, Peru. The rationality of species selection, Clossoma has been addressed in the …

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