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Small-scale aquaculture in rural development (Updated 2018 version)

    The content of this lecture includes the features of rural communities, models of small-scale aquaculture projects, planning & promoting small-scale aquaculture, challenges & Issues of concern, and examples of small-scale projects. Case studies have been included in the lecture. Main related issues have been addressed such as subsidies, adaption curve have been addressed. …

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El cultivo del Amazonas y las especies de peces tropicales en el Perú (in Spanish)

Credit:David Mendoza Ramirez (Peru) El cultivo de peces amazónicos se desarrolla a niveles de menor escala y en muchos casos subsistencia, las especies empleadas son gamitana, paco, sábalo, boquichico, pacotana o gamipaco y recientemente se observa en las estadísticas el paiche. El clima para su cultivo es favorable durante todo el año y su principal …

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Culture and consumption of giant gourami, Osphronemus goramy in Indonesia

Photos’ credit: Anna Jamil (Indonesia)                   Description: Anna Jamil and Abdel Rahman El Gamal The giant gourami, Osphronemus goramy can be easily grown in variety of systems and on variety of feed sources. In Indonesia, giant gourami is cultured in ponds and cages. Being a herbivore, the species can be fed on soft leaves of …

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Establishing a small-scale Nile tilapia farm in Nyagatare district, Rwanda

This project has been developed by a group of trainees who participated during 2012 in the Warm Water Fish Production training course which is hosted by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA) in partnership with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The proposed location of this project is the Nyagatare district, Rwanda.  The project components include …

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Small-scale aquaponic pilot project in Colombia

Credit: Edwin Gomez (Colombia); Edwin_biologia@yahoo.com Aquaponic is the integration of hydroponic plant production into recirculating aquaculture systems. These photos show an experimental project for a small-scale aquaponic system in a greenhouse in Colombia. This system is simple in regard to construction, cleaning and management. Results are encouraging towards potential applications in rural communities especially in …

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Small-scale all-male tilapia aquaculture project in Bududa, Uganda

This project proposal addresses the establishment of a small-scale aquaculture project in Bududa (Uganda). The project objectives highlighted the social dimension of the project especially job creation and providing fish at affordable prices. The rationality behind choosing Bududa for the project has been highlighted, the same is true for selecting Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). The …

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Small-scale fish farming in Senegal (in French)

This project proposal addresses the small-scale fish farming in Senegal. The propsed location of the project is Tambacounda province. Farming and marketing of Nile tilapia and African catfish is the main objective of this proposed project. The rationality of this project in this specific location is based on the geographic distance from landing sites as …

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