Cage culture of gilthead seabream and European seabass fish in Egypt – Video

Video credit: Alejandro Joachin (Guatemala) Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the video channel)

This video was filmed in 2014 during a field visit by the participants in an international training course held and organized by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA).

The non-floating cages shown in this video represent a part of a marine fish project that includes a hatchery, floating cages, non-floating cages (these ones), and a farm. The species produced in the said project are European seabass, gilthead seabream and marine shrimp. The whole project components whether land-based or water-based are located in Maryut valley, Alexandria (Egypt). The project is in operation since 1993.

Before this intermediate phase, the hatchery-produced 60-day old fingerlings are moved to floating cages with dimensions of 4m x 10m and 2m depth until they reach about 6-g as an average size and then moved to the fixed cages shown in the video. These cages can be square with 15m x 15m or can be rectangular with 15m x 40m dimension. During this phase, fish are fed and maintained until they reach an average size of 100 to 150 g then they are moved to the earthen ponds where they grow to the market size (500 g for seabream and 1 kg for seabass).

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