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Common stingray (Dasyatis pastinaca) in Ghana

Credit: John Francis Ababio (Ghana) The two photos are for the Common stingray, (Dasyatis pastinaca) in Elmina fish market along the coast in the Central Region of Ghana. Even though the species is not very common and its marketing is not very good, it is quite expensive.

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Marketing of dried snake skin gourami, Trichogaster pectoralis in Thailand

Credit: Worawut Koedprang (Thailand)     The photo shows the market display of snake skin gourami (Trichogaster pectoralis) in a Thai fish market. The freshwater species enjoys a high consumer preference in its salted-dried form. Drying is often carried out as sun-drying while some producers use hot air drying. Aquaculture is the only source of this …

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Culture of blue swimming crab, Portunus pelagicus in Thailand

Credit: Proyrat Chaowajaroenpong and Ong-art Kumprasert (Thailand) The culture of blue swimming crab, Portunus pelagicus is carried out in earthen ponds. Appropriate water salinity for the blue swimming crab culture ranges from 20-30 g/l. Crabs are fed trash fish which is usually offered twice/day throughout the growing season that extends to about 6 months.  In the …

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Tilapia aquaculture in Gaza (Palestine) – In Arabic

Credit: Masoud Keshta (Palestine) تشير الصورة الأولى لعملية صيد لأسماك البلطى الأحمر بعد فترة من التربية تقدر بحوالى 6 شهور والتى بعدها يصل متوسط الوزن إلى حوالى 350 جرام للسمكة    الواحدة. وهذا النوع من الأسماك مرغوب كثيرا في غزة ويصل متوسط السعر لحوالي 4 – 5 دولار أمريكى للكيلوجرام. تشير الصورة الثانية إلى البلطى النيلى …

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