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Feb 04 2016

Fish trade and consumption in Bolivia

Photo credit: Andres Loayza Apaza (Bolivia) Review: Andres Loayza Apaza and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)     The inserted picture shows fish display in a fish market in Bolivia. The fish species shown is ”pacu” which is a popular fish for Bolivian consumers. This market is located in the town of …

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Jun 26 2015

Processing, trade and consumption of dried fish in in Bangladesh

Credit for the photo and original description:Abu Sayed Talukder & Zahangir Alam (Bangladesh) More information is provided by: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)         This photo has been taken at a dried fish market at a coastal area in Bangladesh. Most of dried fish displayed in the market are …

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Feb 07 2015

Catla catla, produced in Nepal and sold in India

Credit: Bishnu khanal (Nepal)           About 70% of fish consumed in Nepal is imported from India. However, some fish exports take place from Nepal to India. The inserted picture shows a queue of motorbikes that belong to fish retailors in the rural part of Nepal on their way to nearby market …

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Oct 30 2014

Development and outlook of Egyptian aquaculture (Production – trade – consumption – institutional framework)

This lecture has been delivered during October, 2014 as the preliminary lecture in the Fish Culture Development training course. This course is annually organized by the “Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture – EICA”. The purpose of delivering this lecture is to share the Egyptian experience in aquaculture especially in the light of the remarkable development of …

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Jul 07 2014

Open fish markets in SriLanka

Credit: Ajith Kumara (SriLanka) In one photo, a fish vendor sorts out his purchased stock before going to sell. About 70% of the fish shown is tilapia while the rest comprises species of Indian carps. The second photograph tells a busy morning in the open whole sale fish market in lagoon area in Jaffna North …

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Jun 28 2014

Fish farming in Ghana – Development challenges (Emphasis on tilapia) – Video

Video ownership: The World Bank Ghana Office in collaboration with World Bank-Africa Region Video submitted by: Alain Murekambanze (Burundi) This 11-min interesting video was filmed in 2007. Even though the video is titled “Aquaculture development in Ghana”, the focus has been placed on tilapia farming.  The harvesting and grading of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus in …

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May 09 2014

Artisanal fishery in Ghana: Some fish for family – some fish for trade – Video

Credit: Ivan Venkonwine Kaleo (Ghana) The video shows the aluminum container used by fish traders to carry their fish. In the video an individual is seen picking some fish and putting them in his fertilizer bag. After fishing, the fishermen usually carry some of their catch home for their own families and then sell the …

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May 08 2014

Lake Volta Mormyrus species at the Kpong landing site (Ghana)

Credit: Patrick Appenteng (Ghana) Various fresh water species are caught in the various water bodies in Ghana. Among this is the mormyrus species which is also found in the Volta Lake in Ghana. The insert shows a picture of mormyrus species caught at the Kpong landing site in the Lower Manya Krobo District of the …

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Apr 19 2014

Trade of ornamental fish in the Chatuchak Market, Bangkok, Thailand

Photo credit: Deepak Bhusal (Nepal) Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (the founder of the site) The photos are taken in the biggest market in Thailand for ornamental fish, plants, and aquarium supplies. The market is located at Chatuchak market area in Bangkok.  While there is a time allocated for wholesale business, and for everyone with …

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Feb 13 2014

Global fish trade in the early 1900s

The information in this 2-slide bite has been distilled from the document of the United Nations conference which was held in Hot Springs, Virginia, USA during the period May 18 – June 3, 1943. Fish trade has been focused upon in the bite especially in related to salted fish. The prices of salted fish in …

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